Saadh sangat ji, after the memorable last Sunday, July 12, 2020, where sevadaars distributed well over $12000 worth of fruits and veggies to the needy, July 16th turned out to be an equally fulfilling Jakara moment! Sevadaars collected organic fruits & veggies easily worth over $7000 from the The Crossover Church distribution center, which had selected us once again to be a conduit to the needy.

The Church representatives have been following our facebook timeline over the last few months and were much appreciative of our work towards the humanitarian aid. They have invited us to collect the stuff on the weekly basis. A BIG shout out to Ms. Jenna Washington at The Crossover Church for always keeping us in mind. 🙏😇

In the end, sevadaars took three fully loaded vans/trucks with the fresh produce. With pre-planning, the sevadaars identified three new key locations to distribute the stuff the same day, to avoid any wastage due to storage constraints.

1️⃣ Masks and food delivered by Gurpreet Kaur Chhabra to the homeless on Willams Road by St. Joesph’s Church;
2️⃣ 15 boxes & masks delivered to Westley Memorial Church; and
3️⃣ 20 boxes & masks were delivered to Bridges Pre-School. The pre-school teachers have not been paid during covid outbreak.

Rest of the produce has been meticulously stored in refrigerators, ready for delivery on upcoming Sunday’s Free Food Drive.

A big shout-out to Nitin Verma ji for bringing his truck & helping with loading/unloading of the boxes, Nitin also arrived early at 8AM to reserve a top-spot in the waiting line, which is first come first serve!

Another, shoutout to Rajesh Sethi Ji, for not only bringing his van & helping with loading/unloading but also, arranged cold storage unit in his community for keeping the produce fresh & healthy for distribution.

Also, special mention to our seasoned volunteers Toshina Sethi ji and Gupreet Kaur ji for arranging standby cold storage units in Cory Lakes Clubhouse and a close-by restaurant. Very much appreciated! 🙏😇

We would like to thank everybody, who offered to volunteer for this seva on a working day. We will surely need more helping hands in future to help in this seva.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,
Waheguru ji ki Fateh!