Tampa Sikh Gurdwara Preparing FREE HOT MEALS
Tampa Sikh Gurdwara Preparing FREE HOT MEALS
Tampa Sikh Gurdwara Preparing FREE HOT MEALS

Saadh Sangat ji, this cannot get more rewarding & inspiring! Another heart-melting chapter in the Tampa Gurdwara story!

Anuradha & Vidisha, two of the youngest & the brightest members of Tampa Bay community, were missing Tampa Gurmat Camp activities this summer. Inspired by the Free Food Drives, both wanted to do something special and contribute towards this cause.

Both the kids came up with this ingenious & noble idea of setting up a lemonade & cookies stand in their community. This initiative helped raise funds & spread awareness for the Covid relief. Their parents Uthara ji & Prashant ji, fully supported and encouraged kids with the effort. The event was held today from 10AM in the scorching heat, with a sporadic rainfall but they kept going till the evening.

Parents ensured that all safety and cleanliness measures were followed in this drive. The response from the community was equally overwhelming.

Special thanks to our seasoned sevadaar, Anjali Kaur ji for coordinating with the family and making this event a huge success!

We salute the parents to inculcate these precious humanitarian values in the kids. The future is no-doubt bright! We are also very thankful to the family for volunteering for the weekly Sunday FREE hot meals drives.

If you wish to volunteer, please visit:

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,
Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

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Tampa Sikh Gurdwara Preparing FREE HOT MEALS