Saadh sangat ji, this Sunday turned out to be one of the most fulfilling experiences yet for the sevadaars during Tampa Gurdwara Free Food Drive initiative!

Sevadaars started showing-up at Gurdwara sahib at 7.30AM onward and the Lions Club truck showed-up dot on time at 8.30AM. Five huge pallets with 500 boxes weighing 12 lbs each with fruits & vegetables! A merchandise worth over $12,000 and sevadaars had a major task at hands.

It took sevadaars almost an hour to transport the boxes into the gurdwara sahib by forming a human chain to expedite the process. The atmosphere was electrifying with the volunteers doing Jakaras to keep boosting each other. Special thanks once again to Gagan Sukhija Ji representing The Lions Club International, Wesley Chapel for making this amazing amazing initiative reach its sweet fruition! 🙏

The food drive initiative is now in full automation. Sevadaars delivered close to 700 boxes along with 500 boxes of fruits & vegetables and around 2000 cloth Masks. This included:

🔹 40 boxes & groceries delivered to USF students by Toshina Sethi Ji;
🔹 80 masks to be delivered today by Gurpreet Kaur Chhabra Ji;
🔸 60 boxes delivered by Arvinder Singh ji to the homeless in Fletcher area;
🔹 70 boxes delivered by Gurpreet Kaur ji/Rupinder Singh ji to the homeless in Mango/I4 area;
🔸 20 boxes delivered to Miracles Outreach Orphanage by Anil Udasi ji;
🔹 20 boxes delivered by S. Harminder Singh ji in his area;
🔸 30 boxes delivered by S. Amrit Singh ji in his area;
🔹 40 additional boxes were also delivered to the USF students, who showed up in the Gurdwara Sahib to collect the boxes and masks;
🔸 2000 cloth masks provided by Florida Health were also distributed to the needy and the Gurdwara Sangat via Drive-Thru.

We still have a few masks in stock and you may collect them on next Sunday via Drive-Thru. 🙏

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh 🙏🏻