USF Students


Covid-19 Pandemic has been an eye opener to all. It has adversely impacted everyone in a unique way. International students are no exception. Many students have lost their in-campus jobs and are finding it hard to sustain emotionally, mentally and financially.

As a matter of fact, Tampa Gurdwara had been trying to connect with such students for quite sometime but with not much of a success. And, finally, after reading through Tampa Gurdwara’s initiatives published on the social media, one of the USF students joined our community groups & informed us that there are hundreds of students, who needed our immediate attention to support them during this pandemic.

This was a watershed moment for the sevadaars. By next Sunday, with the help of some USF representatives, there was a highly successful grocery collection campaign arranged & delivered. SOME OF These students have sent some appreciation letters (posted above) to all community members who are supporting them during these hard times…

And if you would like to support such causes, you can pledge the non-perishable groceries listed in the following form & deliver to Gurdwara sahib on any Sunday. With Tampan Gurdwara, you can be rest assured that the groceries would reach the most needy people. We have consolidated the list of groceries to a few most essential commodities.


OR you can support us with donations towards such initiatives at the following link and we will keep on doing the needful. 🙏😇


Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,
Waheguru ji ki Fateh! 🙏